AEi Leadership Legacy Challenge

An initiative that empowered black youth owned social enterprises in Alexander and Diepsloot (Gauteng) through entrepreneurship education and practical application of  the content.


ICT Start-Up Entrepreneurship Programme

Assisted start-up entrepreneurs in the ICT sector to create sustainable enterprises through; enterprise development training, business coaching and providing resources to enable the products/services to go to market.


Amp Camp Digital Innovation Challenge

The challenge identified young digital content creators who have skills, character and the drive to succeed in developing content. But also have the abilities to package and run their own businesses.


Amp Camp Digital Innovation Challenge Winners – Kenya

Four businesses won the challenge and received the opportunity to visit Nairobi, Kenya to learn from world class businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives.  Kenya boasts some of the highest internet penetration on the continent. This has led to new businesses and business ideas; especially around digital media.


IMF/World Bank Annual Meeting 2018, Bali, Indonesia: Youth Dialogue – Youth at Work

The purpose of the Youth Dialogue was to provide young leaders with a platform to share their views on issues important to them and to listen to youth leaders from around the world and influence policymakers and the debate around economic issues.

The session focused on key dimensions of youth employment, including trends in labor markets, gender roles, and informality, as well as their economic and social implications. Panelists discussed the role of well-functioning labor and product markets, trade, and technology in providing potential opportunities for youth.