About Us

Zinde Zinde (Pty) Ltd t/a African Entrepreneurship Initiative (AEi) is a 100% black woman owned entity. Anele Mkuzo is the founder and Managing Director. AEi is a consulting and entrepreneurship education training company with a focus on the youth within townships and peri-urban areas. The organisation is based in Johannesburg,South Africa.

Entrepreneurship has been recognised as the most important tool to eradicate unemployment, poverty and inequality. But with the current statistics on the failure of start-up entrepreneurs in the continent; AEi has created a unique solution that ensures inclusivity and allows the youth; potential and existing entrepreneurs to access financial literacy and entrepreneurship education.

Our solution encompasses the ability to execute our training and education in different South African languages by multilingual experts. This ensures that language is not a barrier to access to information and skills. Our solutions look at the holistic value chain of entrepreneurship development and education.

We have partnered with experts who not only act as an advisory platform but they also assist in how we are constantly providing innovative solutions to our clients. AEi customizes its services for both its end users; which are the organisations and government that sponsor the education and the recipients of the knowledge. This is to ensure that maximum impact is achieved and we are engaging in solutions that sustain entrepreneurs in the long run.

About The Founder

Anele Mkuzo is a young woman who has worked in the Enterprise Development (ED) space for over 8 years. Her experience began at the number one business school in Africa; the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) where she designed programmes for more than 400 entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs were from various sectors such as government parastatals, ICT, construction, manufacturing, engineering and financial services. Among those she received an award for designing the National Home Builders Regulatory Council (NHBRC) Women Empowerment Programme at the 2015 South African Construction Awards; which recognize excellence across Africa.

In 2016, Anele was nominated as one of Mail & Guardian’s Top 200 Young South Africans in the Education category. A huge achievement, which gave her the much needed courage to leave full time employment and start her own business; Zinde Zinde (Pty) Ltd t/a the African Entrepreneurship Initiative (AEi). Later that year she completed her Post Diploma in Business Administration (PDBA) at GIBS.

In August 2017, Anele won the Fairlady Women of the Future – Rising Star award.

In October 2018 she was part of the Youth Dialogue – Youth at Work at the IMF/World Bank Annual Meeting in Bali, Indonesia. She is now one of IMFs Youth Alumni where she provides her expertise on various topics that affect youth in the African continent.

She currently facilitates Design Thinking on enterprise development programmes for start-ups and scale-up businesses. And is the MTN Solution Space scholar studying towards her Master of Philosophy in Inclusive Innovation at the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Business.

In 2020 AEi partnered with Arielle to create a platform for entrepreneurs to share their journeys called ‘Diaries of an African Entrepreneur’ on LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

She believes her experience will ensure that she is able to address the gaps she has identified within the ED sector.